without labels
universalists practice antinomialism.

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  • Pervy

    creepy. describes a middle-aged guy who stares too much and doesn’t realize that young girls aren’t interested in him. a step below a stalker. the thing she hated most about the bus were the stares from the pervy guy. lightheartedly perverted, charmingly perverted. one step below kinky. shall we have regular s-x, or would you […]

  • aooty

    asian girl with a big voluptuous booty. d-mn that girl sue has a big booty for an asian girl. a true aooty!

  • anrk

    shortening of “anarchy” or anarchism. the first of the two is posers who see anarchy as liberation from bedtime and dad. the second is well minded utopianists usually pragmatic and not usually white

  • anshi

    a handy combo of and sh-t . slap it on the end of a sentence that just you can’t think of anything more intelligent to end it with . ” bronwyn added a word to and she’s really proud anshi ” ” wow , hot word ” “dude thanks ”

  • Mad Vow Disease

    endemic disease that runs through certain religions. involves young adults getting married prematurely, so as not to have premarital s-x. friend 1: ya, my sister naomi is getting married. she’s only 19! friend 2: wow, mad vow disease, fo sho!

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