something far too complicated for you to even comprehend.
thou art apego. so i’m afraid you’d best step back.
is too good 4 u!! wayy 2 silly!
apego likes 2 get high !! she luvs cheeze!

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  • ask for it

    to behave in a way that invites trouble you ask for it with your att-tude about the game.

  • Ambitionist

    one who is obsessed with achieving goals. the compulsive behavior of an ambitionist drives them to achieve their next goal as soon as they have reached a goal they had previously set for themselves.

  • ASOM

    its an acronym for: annoying the sh-t out of me man those b-tches are asom! i hate reading smh because its asom.

  • facknackulated

    absolutely stuffed, worn out, exhausted, tired i am absolutely facknackulated

  • facrediting

    when a person is looking for their credit card in their wallet at the register. your buying groceries and holding up the whole line, you are then facrediting.

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