apple turnover

when the male f-cks a girl rough until she bleeds then turns her over and repeats -n-l .
keith gave cathie an apple turnover last night and she can’t walk
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a computer user who has previously only used pc/windows based machines but now converts to only use apple products.
after buying the iphone, carl has become a total apple turnover.
tasty treats that can be eaten at kroger for free after midnight. no s-xual connotation, they are just mighty delicious.
mmm my apple turnover is delicious, good thing i can just throw the box somewhere when i am finished and not pay for it.
a girl’s extremely large feet and knarly toes curled up, and hanging over her opened toe heels.
that girl was really hot from across the bar, but then i came up closer and spotted that chicks feet, i was like h-ll naw! b-tch had apple turnovers, for real!

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