somebody that fears spiders
(comes from two greek words arachno means spider and phobia means to fear)
that b-tch has arachnophobia
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arachnophobia , is something absolute p-ss-es make up so when they get scared of something more than a thousandth smaller than them they don’t look stupid.
ben: oh look, there’s a spider.
d-ck: oh no! get the little tw-t away, i’ve got arachnophobia!!!!
ben: idiot.

(ben picks up spider and puts it on d-ck)
the fear of spiders. that a little spider, even though they are helping kill other insects and would never harm you, will somehow eat you alive with its little fangs, or release a spine tingling venom into your bloodstream making you into a spiderman or spiderwoman that shoots b-tt floss out of its wrists and swings throughout the city protecting people from evil.
girl: ahhhh! a spider!!! kill it!!!!
boy: why? it’s not really doing anything.. plus i don’t really want to get up..
girl: you don’t understand!!!! i have arachnophobia.
boy: oh, okay let me take off my shoe..

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