any of several coniferous trees of the genus araucaria, of warm regions.
historical examples

these are uniformly three times the natural size, except the section of araucaria imbricata, which is not increased in scale.
trees of the northern united states austin c. apgar

you ought to have a segoya here and over there an araucaria.
a virgin heart remy de gourmont

araucaria, or norfolk island pine, is now sold in pots by florists as a window plant.
the practical garden-book c. e. hunn

araucaria imbricata, the only hardy species, is a very singular tree.
botany for ladies jane loudon

in this neighbourhood, the araucanian pine (araucaria imbricata) is found, but very few of the trees grow near the sea.
narrative of the surveying voyages of his majesty’s ships adventure and beagle, between the years 1826 and 1836 robert fitzroy

araucaria timber is said to be like good deal, but smoother and heavier.
trees. a woodland notebook herbert maxwell

there, now the spray of araucaria, now the stick of camphor, and i think the lemon will fit right in among the nutmegs.
gardens of the caribbees, v. 2/2 ida may hill starr

araucaria brasiliana, the brazil pine, is a native of the mountains of southern brazil, and was introduced into britain in 1819.
encyclopaedia britannica, 11th edition, volume 2, slice 4 various

araucaria, a genus of trees of the coniferous or pine order, indigenous to australasia and south america.
the new gresham encyclopedia. vol. 1 part 2 various

there is a similar, but less perfectly preserved, araucaria grove at bicton in devonshire.
wayside and woodland trees edward step

any tree of the coniferous genus araucaria of south america, australia, and polynesia, such as the monkey puzzle and bunya-bunya

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