slang term for the major of “architecture” at most universities that offer the degree in the united states.
he’s an architorture major, that’s why he never gets any sleep.
the bad bad thing that will happen to you should you wish to go to architecture school
dear architorture,

thank you for ruining my life
1)according to ryerson’s university’s acu bulletin board:
“the study of building and design – while testing the limits of the mind, body, and soul”

2)combining two words that comprise your studying experience to becoming an architect: architecture and torture

3) when you’re stressing out on -ssignments, essays, tests, and let’s not forget – studio —> all at the same time

4) when you’re “charette-ing” all night in studio
omg, i’ve been architortured.
when studying architecture for 7 years is no longer fun
‘i’m so fed up this course is architorture.’
‘6 years later is architorture.’
a term used to describe architectural works built after the mid-20th century which fail to adhere to conventional and historic precedent in terms of design integrity, scale, proportion, physical compost-tion and stylistic competence. “architorture” is commonly found in contemporary “upscale” suburban developments (see mcmansion). commercial strips, which rely upon visual imagery to lure drivers traveling at a fast clip, provide especially choice examples of the genre.
the ceo’s home, with its garish faux-stucco facade, pretentious columns and gl-ssy two-story entrance foyer, is the sort of architorture best suited for republican fund-raising events.
an amazing design student forum dedicated to the advancement of the study of architecture at the collegiate level. is a great forum for architecture students and the allied arts.
the act of viewing a real ugly building.
it’s architorture to look at the slums this way.

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