ariana is a pretty girl. she is nice but mean. she will do her best to be considered ” the cool kids” . she will even cut her hair for popularity. she is considered fake.
why is she such an ariana
a girl prettier than anyone she knows. every guy flocks to her, but she acts like no one likes her, when really every guy who has met her falls in love. ariana is like a diamond, the sun, dresses, and sunflowers. she is everything pretty and sweet smelling.
that girl is soooo ariana.
a beautiful girl who is a gift from g-d. special in every way imaginable. the greatest thing you’ll ever learn
is to love and be loved in return. a girl who completes you with her sillyness, kindness, beauty, strength, and protection and more. an amazing person who you can’t bear to be without for a minute. some one who you cannot afford to lose.

the love of my life, only1 i want but might never have.
a rose= 10$
a playstation 3= 600$
ariana= priceless.
the most amazing person alive. the thought of her makes you extremely happy, and it seems like it’s happiness that will last your whole life. n-body could ever compare to an ariana.
1: omg! i love ariana!
2: no wai.
1: yawai.
2: i love her moar.
1: … shut up.
adj. (its what you are, you silly superstar)
to be ariana is to be the lightbulb in the lamp of life. you have to light up the room for everyone in society to see (even the blind), their world coem together into a soft cuddly bed with a big blanket wrapping around all human beings to one single organism. to be ariana is to be my sunshine my only sunshine you make me happy when skys are gray and very squeezable.
dude: omg becky look at her she is soo sweet and cuddly and vonderful
babe: im not becky but i knowww, shes so ariana its killing me
dude: i wish i could be liek her (starts crying into a paper napkin)
babe: suck it in, youre being soo samira
very intelligent, independent lady that doesnt need a guy to make her happy. always cheerful and happy. everyone loves being around her. you wont find no one else like her. she never lets anything bring her down.
you are so ariana
pretty much the most amazing girl you will ever meet
your lucky if you get to be friends with an ariana
she is smart and her friends are usually not intelligent
but she loves them anyway
shes the most caring person you will ever meet
she puts up with a lot if she cares about you
tina: i am the luckiest girl alive, my best friend is ariana
ariana is a loveable, laughable, indenpendent girl. she is someone everyone loves to be around. she hates being tied down. her “never-say-never” att-tude makes her a hit in the parties. she’s very intelligent and loves a good book. never doubt, those dear arianas’ they may break your heart someday…
guy: did you see the new girl?
d-ck: yeah, she is soo ariana. i think i am in love…
guy: i am soo gonna ask her out
d-ck: you -ss-hole

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