a guy that gets all the hoes, he doesnt even try but they all keep coming his way.
d-mn bro, i wish i was gettin hoes like that n-gg- ariq

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    an act of involving at least two parties where the male will sh-t into the females mouth. after cradleing the t-rd in her mouth, she then forcibly projects the faecal matter back into the male’s -n-s by blowing it as hard as she can resembeling the act of playing a trumpet. five years ago, sebastians […]

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    mental dwarf is a closed minded who thinks everybody else is an idiot. he thinks his teacher is a mental dwarf for giving him low marks.

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    catch this nut (verb) def: to tell a female to let you -j-c-l-t- in her, i.e. -ss, p-ssy, or mouth, or -j-c-l-t- on her. yo nia, come catch this nut. #catch #this #nut #booty #-ss #s-x #c-m #black #slang

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    insult used at someone who turns on the tears and cries over nothing. stop being such a watercart!

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