(verb) to insert both the p-n-s and entire sack of t-st-cl-s into a v-g-n- and/or -n-s. the act of “armstronging” usually requires using both hands to help stretch the v-g-n- and/or -n-s hole to allow for total insertion.
“dude, that chick’s p-ssy is so loose, i practically armstronged her without using my hands.”
the weed and cheese capital of british columbia, canada.
yo dude, i’m going to armstrong for some weed and cheese.
the ability to give excessive hand jobs without getting tired.
the sl-t who hangs out behind the tgi friday has an armstrong.
to flip a girl over and have s-x with her. this is done when the female in question has an attractive body, but a fugly face.
man, that booty’s kickin, but she’s got such a bad grill i think i’d have to armstrong her!
a very high note or a series of them, especially on a trumpet ( from louis armstrong ).
the guy was incredible! he could play armstrongs on a consistent basis!
an “armstrong” is a person or people who take their cycling too seriously. they travel all over the city in their tight, spandex bike suits, goofy helmets, backpack drinks, and their livestrong bracelets. they treat everyday in the city streets like it’s the “tour de france.” they are known to ride fixed gear bikes. they act like they are better than everyone because they are living strong, when in reality they were dead a long time ago.
i was walking down the street with my three year old child when a bunch of rabid armstrongs nearly ran us over
generated from the lance armstrong debacle, armstrong is a byword for profusely lying, tricking, or covering up aspects of ones life. to misguide or swindle those around you into believing that you have achieved or completed certain acts. can be used to describe a person or activity.
that sl-ts been stuffing her bra, what an armstrong.

dont armstrong me, you gonna wingman for me or not?

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