hand grenade

a hand grenade is a melon flavored alcoholic beverage sold at tropical isles on bourbon street in new orleans. marketed as the strongest drink on bourbon street, it is the equivalent of about 4 1/2 standard drinks
paul drank three hand grenades and woke up the next morning in the gutter in new orleans east with a sore -n-s.
the ugly friend of the hot chick that you want to hook up with. someone has to “jump on the hand grenade” so the other can get to the hottie.
jay had to jump on the hand grenade so that i could hook up with her hot friend.
a shot of liquor or booze
i got knocked up by a hand grenade in ‘nawlins
when a session of fingering your girl starts to get a little dull, let it all end with a bang. slip your fist inside of her vag, and without warning, extend all of your fingers as far as they can reach. the expression on her face should resemble some sort of surprise.
it was a rather uneventful night until i busted out my ammunition and let that b-tch have a hand grenade.

when i saw the slightest hint of boredom in her eyes, i busted out a hand grenade that would have had the vietcong shaking in their boots.
a nickname for the australian vb (victoria bitter) beer stubby. these bottles are shaped like hand grenades, hence the name.
ill take a six pack of hand grenades thanks c-nt
when a man m-st-rb-t-s and c-ms into his hand and then throws the s-m-n at/or on his s-xual partner.. then the sp-nk that lands there is considered “shrapnel”.
joey totally hand grenaded his girlfriend when she wasn’t prepared sending “shrapnel” all over her face.
when you’re about to rip a nasty fart and you put your hand right over your -ss, capturing the smell, and then smelling it.
did you see dennis pull a hand grenade in cl-ss?
aw, man, that was naaasty!

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