an.-ss-maniac.who.rapidly.f-cks.her mate’s -ss,enough for friction to set in.
“if you know a kind of person like that,he’s probably an -rs–sonist”

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  • artistic-ish-ness

    when something is a little bit artistic. when it becomes an adjective the word artistic-ish becomes artistic-ish-ness chelsy. says: i put some heels on then thought i looked pretty cool and thought it was artistic-ish …wardy— says: clevagee is the artistic-ish-ness haha

  • bradscope

    the name of the lame -ss quickscope that people who want to look cool but don’t have much skill use on the xbox 360 for example call of duty bradscoper: oh noscope!!!!. witness of the bradscope: we were watching you, you just bradscoped him like a f-ggot.

  • art of drowning

    a really good afi alb-m aod is the best punk alb-m ever.

  • art sl*t

    1. a person who enjoys the arts (not neccessarilly an artist) and is excessively lively and outgoing. often multi-talented and seemingly flirtatious. 2. outspoken creative being not to be confused with art wh-r- did you see that chick? she was the biggest art sl-t i’ve ever come by. you see how she was showing off […]

  • asaip

    as soon as impossible when a bungling client or manager needs something really really urgently, in blatant disregard of physical reality. “look, i asked for this pointless graph using my made-up figures yesterday. i don’t care if you probably have a terminal illness. i need it asaip, like yesterday. now get out of my sight!”

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