someone who is such a selfish, twisted, warped -sshole, so focused on getting off on their fixation on fire that they kill men, women, children and animals in a m-ssive blaze, destroy m-ssive amounts of trees, natural resources, houses, apartment buildings, market places, or other private and public property.
you have to be a real f@ck!ng -rs-nhole to set fire to a m-ssive apartment building.

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    the feeling of joy a human(or maybe other animals) feels when seeing a dog enjoying life. i was overwhelmed by flemphlantang in traffic today when i saw a german shepherd in a ford truck in the next lane.

  • mastursp*cetion

    when you get off looking at information relating to outersp-ce my friend was going to look up some star citizen videos for his weekly mastursp-cetion.

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