conforming to the standards of ; satisfying aesthetic requirements:
artistic productions.
showing skill or excellence in execution:
artistic workmanship.
exhibiting taste, discriminating judgment, or sensitivity:
an artistic arrangement of flowers; artistic handling of a delicate diplomatic situation.
exhibiting an involvement in or appreciation of , especially the fine :
he had wide-ranging artistic interests.
involving only aesthetic considerations, usually taken as excluding moral, practical, religious, political, or similar concerns:
artistic principles.
of or :
artistic works.
of, like, or thought of as characteristic of an :
an artistic temperament.
historical examples

they seem to us, to borrow an artistical expression, as if they were in a capital state for ‘glazing and toning up.’
the knickerbocker, or new-york monthly magazine, june 1844 various

it is certainly one of the most elegant and artistical of ecclesiastical interiors.
over the ocean curtis guild

regarded as an artistical picture, we may say with truth that ‘the canvas is neither confused nor crowded.’
the knickerbocker, vol. 57, no. 1, january 1861 various

how completely this was an artistical, not a national idea, it is unnecessary to prove.
the seven lamps of architecture john ruskin

the material, however, has its peculiar effect, and may be included in an artistical composition.
the bride of messina friedrich schiller

they were all small, and chosen with regard to their artistical value.
seeing europe with famous authors, volume v (of x) various

natural history affords the buenos-ayreans great scope for their artistical genius.
the international monthly, volume 5, no. 4, april, 1852 various

i’m sure they’d see it as a romantical, artistical, and proper thing to do.
tess of the d’urbervilles thomas hardy

what may be called the artistical portion of globe-making here commences.
harper’s new monthly magazine, volume 1, no. 2, july, 1850. various

from all of which it will be seen that lady honoria was not wanting in certain romantic and artistical perceptions.
beatrice h. rider haggard

of or characteristic of art or artists
performed, made, or arranged decoratively and tastefully; aesthetically pleasing
appreciative of and sensitive to beauty in art
naturally gifted with creative skill

1753, from french artistique, from artiste (see artist). native artist-like was recorded from 1711; artistly from 1754; artistical from 1801. related: artistically.

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