to credit or -ssign, as to a cause or source; attribute; impute:
the alphabet is usually ascribed to the phoenicians.
to attribute or think of as belonging, as a quality or characteristic:
they ascribed courage to me for something i did out of sheer panic.
historical examples

for these reasons the amount of illness traceable to raw milk far exceeds that ascribable to any other food.
food poisoning edwin oakes jordan

are these miraculous revelations that we hear of ascribable to evil influences?
gerald fitzgerald charles james lever

they are not ascribable to the purely intellectual movement alone, though it is no doubt an essential factor.
the english utilitarians, volume i. leslie stephen

the third portion, or epilogue, appears to be ascribable chiefly to the genial love of homer for the horse.
studies on homer and the homeric age, vol. 1 of 3 w. e. gladstone

perhaps to some extent this is ascribable to the influence of the genius loci.
a civil servant in burma herbert thirkel white

here we come upon the border of those changes which are ascribable to use and disuse.
essays: scientific, political, & speculative, vol. i herbert spencer

who could say whether his silence were ascribable to the absence of danger, or to his own absence?
wieland; or the transformation charles brockden brown

it is every day disputed whether in war success is ascribable to conduct or to fortune.
a philosophical dictionary, volume 4 (of 10) franois-marie arouet (aka voltaire)

of the increased deaths, 700,000 were ascribable to insufficient nourishment, mainly in the last two years of war.
the new germany george young

that they were effective in action was ascribable to a great extent to the admirable acting of miss terry.
ellen terry and her sisters t. edgar pemberton

verb (transitive)
to credit or -ssign, as to a particular origin or period: to ascribe parts of a play to shakespeare
to attribute as a quality; consider as belonging to: to ascribe beauty to youth

to count; to enter into an account
word origin

latin ad- + scribere ‘to write’
usage note

transitive; used with to

1670s, from ascribe + -able. related: ascribably; ascribability.

mid-14c., ascrive, from old french ascrivre “to inscribe; attribute, impute,” from latin ascribere “to write in, to add to in a writing,” from ad- “to” (see ad-) + scribere “to write” (see script (n.)). spelling restored by 16c. related: ascribed; ascribing.

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