” the term for when somebody/ oneself is being a w-nk stain
nick is being an absolute ashma

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  • ormulescence

    noun – the glowing feeling that remains after a body destroying -rg-sm. adjective form – ormulescent once her convulsions had ceased, karen was filled with ormulescence as she slid off his d-ck and onto the sheets.

  • papaya and sprite

    nectar of the 1 per centers a common beverage consumed by country club kids boy- i’d like a papaya and sprite and charge it to my chit

  • tgif alcoholic

    when you work at tgi friday’s and it makes you an alcoholic. man i was i thought i was an alcoholic before, but now i’m a tgif alcoholic. d-mn place steals your soul

  • synchronized pegging

    when two women wearing strap on’s pile drive a man in the -ss. mistress rachel and mistress katelyn needed to punish their boytoy so they gave him a round of synchronized pegging.

  • cup of my ass

    the “cup” is the lower part of your b-tt cheeks. we all have that “cup” y’all i need not short cut off shorts( by short i mean if the cup of my -ss is out that’s clearly too short!) help!!

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