a former silver coin of turkey and egypt: later a money of account equal to 1/120 of a piaster.
harsh; rough.
historical examples

the word “asper” is the first descriptive adjective applied by michelius.
the mushroom, edible and otherwise m. e. hard

sometimes a girl is married in performance of a vow to the sahada (streblus asper) tree.
castes and tribes of southern india edgar thurston

there seems to be little adumbration of the dark marginal lines of asper in populations from the lower mississippi river drainage.
north american recent soft-sh-lled turtles (family trionychidae) robert g. webb

percy was plainly called a donkey, for hanging off and on with a handsome girl of such expectations as miss asper.
diana of the crossways, complete george meredith

crenshaw and hopkins showed that asper did not intergrade with ferox.
north american recent soft-sh-lled turtles (family trionychidae) robert g. webb

the word “asper” means either “unsavoury” or “pr-ckly,” according to the context.
the captiva and the mostellaria plautus

the chairs and carpets are covered, but the corners are turned up that asper may admire their beauty and texture.
their majesties’ servants (volume 2 of 3) john doran

asper then describes a visit he reluctantly pays to prospero’s house.
their majesties’ servants (volume 2 of 3) john doran

thus the usual telugu marriage post, but made of streblus asper wood, is set up, and nine kinds of grain are placed near it.
castes and tribes of southern india edgar thurston

mr asper was on the sick-list, so mr smallsole the master had the command of the expedition.
mr. midshipman easy captain frederick marryat

a former turkish monetary unit, a silver coin, worth 1/120 of a piastre
the venomous snake, probably naja haje (egyptian cobra), that caused the death of cleopatra and was formerly used by the pharaohs as a symbol of their power over life and death see also uraeus
also called asp viper. a viper, vipera aspis, that occurs in s europe and is very similar to but smaller than the adder
horned asp, another name for horned viper
an archaic name for the aspen

poisonous snake, 1520s, earlier aspis (mid-14c.), from old french aspe (13c.) or directly from latin aspidem (nominative aspis), from greek aspis “shield;” the serpent so called probably in reference to its neck hood.

asp abbr.
aspartic acid
aspartic acid
american selling price
american society for photogrammetry and remote sensing
american society of parasitologists
-ssociation of subspecialty professors

(heb. pethen), deut. 32:33; job 20:14, 16; isa. 11:8. it was probably the egyptian cobra (naja haje), which was very poisonous (rom. 3:13; gr. aspis). the egyptians worshipped it as the _uraeus_, and it was found in the desert and in the fields. the peace and security of messiah’s reign is represented by the figure of a child playing on the hole of the asp. (see adder.)

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