Ass Mode

a term used on craig ferguson’s “the late late show with craig ferguson” on cbs during the twitter and emails segment
-ss mode
1. a thing that happens sometimes
2. a way of life
3. not a proper name for a dj
“dear craig, i get nervous when i get to the dentist, what should i do to calm down? i dunno, got any suggestions geoff?
well… i’d take off all my clothes and…. -ss mode.”
a term consistently used during the lead-in to the “twitters, tweets and e-mail” section of craig ferguson’s “late late night show” on cbs.

may refer to the practice of setting a cell phone to “ring” not with sound but with vibration. worn on the f-nny (or inside a f-nny pack), such a phone would be communicating an inbound call in “-ss mode.”
“stop squirming.”

“can’t help it. i’m in (or: ‘the phone is in’) -ss mode.”
-ssmode is a way of life.
craig ferguson: geoff, what is -ssmode?
geoff peterson: -ssmode… is a way of life
a special mode in which you shake your -ss like a marlo nay.
wow, that girl is really in -ssmode.
an intentional series of behaviors or statements by a disgruntled employee designed to har-ss the employer with out reaching a level that would result in the justified termination of the employee.

-ss mode was first seen on the cbs “late late show” with craig ferguson. where craig often say’s something that is not politically correct or controversial ad will end the statement with the cbs catch phrase “cbs cares” this behavior has also been seen on the “david letterman show” when dave will say things about ge which owns cbs.
craig will sometimes tell the audience that the show is running in -ss mode because cbs is so cheap that the lighting hasn’t been fixed, or a graphic was reused by crossing out part of it and crudely drawing in the new material

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