verb: -ssasing. pr-nounced -ss-ssing.
an activity you have no choice to partake in when a girl or guy falls in love with you, the catch is that they live 10+ miles away from your current address. these girls and guys are known to..

a. post on your wall everyday.

b. ask you out all the time.

c. troll any pages you have on facebook.

d. try and get your attention on a regular basis.

e. uses words or phrases that you use alot.

f. makes you sandwiches and does the laundry.

in any of these cases you may then take out and use the emergency word “-ssasing”…
“if you live 10+ miles away from me, please… don’t pretend to fall in “love” with me and don’t cover me in sweet words. such thing doesn’t exist. want to be friends? good. more than that? -.- i could be an -ssasing rapist and you wouldn’t even know.”

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