a seemingly ditzy or lost girl. a woman so different she must be an alian, a backwards flying b-tterfly
you can’t get pizza at chick-fil-a, what are you an -ssenav?
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rich b-tch, stuck-up, and sk-nkahos all rolled up into one diabolically annoying package! -ssenavs are generally females, who are so insecure about themselves that they get off on making others feel bad. a vast majority of them are living off of their parents’ wealth, wandering so aimlessly through their existence that the only thing that could bring them joy is to ruin the relationships of others, toss a series of veiled insults at those they care about in an attempt to crush their self-esteem… as well as f-ck anything and everything that moves.

an -ssenav is easily identified by the way she waddles, as well as by her mosquito-bite br–sts and thickly layered makeup.

should be avoided at all costs, known disease-carriers.
“that -ssenav lied and told my boyfriend i cheated on him!”

“g-d that girl is definately an -ssenav!”

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