an -ssertion, statement of opinion

we were bewildered at his -ssertation that the economy is thriving.

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  • Asserted

    resting on a statement or claim unsupported by evidence or proof; alleged: the -sserted value of the property was twice the amount anyone offered. to state with -ssurance, confidence, or force; state strongly or positively; affirm; aver: he -sserted his innocence of the crime. to maintain or defend (claims, rights, etc.). to state as having […]

  • Assertion

    a positive statement or declaration, often without support or reason: a mere -ssertion; an unwarranted -ssertion. an act of . contemporary examples how does the -ssertion that the monarch rules “by the grace of almighty g-d” square with the trades descriptions act? feminism doesn’t fit the monarchy andrew roberts october 28, 2011 the -ssertion by […]

  • Assertively

    confidently aggressive or self–ssured; positive: aggressive; dogmatic: he is too -ssertive as a salesman. having a distinctive or pr-nounced taste or aroma. contemporary examples lukonge chimes in -ssertively: “when people discourage us we feel more encouraged to go on.” victims no more: congo’s bad-ss women mechanics nina strochlic june 5, 2014 historical examples well have […]

  • Assertiveness training

    a type of behavior therapy in which people are taught appropriate methods of -sserting themselves in various situations through honest and direct expression of both positive and negative feelings. historical examples anxiety is offset by means of desensitization, -ssertiveness training, and s-x therapy. when you don’t know where to turn steven j. bartlett dr. cantwell […]

  • Assertoric

    adjective (logic) (of a statement) stating a fact, as opposed to expressing an evaluative judgment (obsolete) judging what is rather than what may or must be historical examples the expression of actuality in the -ssertoric judgment involves no adverbial modification of the predicate. a commentary to kant’s ‘critique of pure reason’ norman kemp smith

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