similar to gaslighting, a method of psychological abuse, except -sslighting occurs when the victim of gaslighting gets revenge on their abuser.

gaslighting is a form of intimidation or psychological abuse when an abuser systematically withholds factual information from, and/or provides false information to someone, usually a spouse or loved on, so that they eventually lose control of their mind. the victim gradually becomes anxious, confused, and less able to trust their own memory and perception thus relying on their abuser and becoming a hostage of mind control.

-sslighting is gaining popularity due to countless victims of gaslighting banning together to seek revenge on their abusers. there have been a growing number of victims worldwide who have regained their lives and who are turning their anger towards various methods of -sslighting. whether done legally through the judicial system or through many illegal methods, -sslighting is designed to make the abusers pay the high price for their abuse they have done. there are many extreme cases where -sslighting was reported to be the cause of many deaths due to dismemberment and castration.
joe: did you hear about lara being a victim of gaslighting for all that time.
pete: yeah but she got out of that relationship. she now has someone -sslighting the guy in return.
joe: -sslighting? i heard thats some really funny stuff.
pete: no dude you are thinking of some gross website where people are lighting each other’s farts. this is when you get revenge on an abuser who has been gaslighting you.

joe: oh that… yeah i would hate to be that dude. really there’s a website on lighting farts?
pete: h-ll hath no fury as a woman scorned.

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