a person whos -ss is way to big for there body
look at that -ssmelonker over thier.

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    bling bling worn for fighting purposes: example {br-ss knuckles] look at my brand new bling-blaw.

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    bloodz are a heavy based set that represent the colour red. red being the blood they shed. black as being the colour that the founder and gang members are. and white as, well i kinda forgot but you kinda catch my drift. bloodz are a rival to the notorious cripz. the bloodz are a world-wide […]

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    (v) – to leave a large portion of beer remaining inthe can|bottle. to do anything half–ss. origin: some kid who grew up in orinda, california used to talk about how cool he was and how much he partied. his last name, enlow, became synonymous with being full of sh-t and half-full of beer. who the […]

  • *ssphasia

    a gruesome hideous condition in which one’s face looks exactly like their -ss. most prevalent in females from the city of puyallup. a sure sign of infection would be denial and poor comebacks. “oh my god,you better cover that up, it looks like your -ssphasia has broken out again”

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