a trojan ally slain by achilles.

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  • Asteroseismology

    noun in astronomy, the study of the oscillations of the stars, cf. helioseismology examples asteroseismology is a promising new technique for measuring the fundamental parameters in stars.

  • Asthenic

    of, relating to, or characterized by ; weak. (of a physical type) having a slight build or slender body structure. compare (def 5), (def 1). a person of the asthenic type. historical examples by the asthenic and emaciated general condition and the peculiar puffy, spongy state of the gums. essentials of diseases of the skin […]

  • Asthenophobia

    noun a fear of weakness word origin greek a- ‘without’ + thenos ‘strength’

  • Asthenopia

    a fatigue or tiring of the eyes, usually characterized by discomfort, dimness of vision, and headache, caused by overuse of the visual organs, dysfunction of the ocular muscles, and incorrect refraction. historical examples despite all reasons then for the supposition the asthenopia was certainly not of a muscular nature. schweigger on squint c. schweigger the […]

  • Asthenosphere

    the region below the lithosphere, variously estimated as being from fifty to several hundred miles (eighty-five to several hundred kilometers) thick, in which the rock is less rigid than that above and below but rigid enough to transmit transverse seismic waves. noun a thin semifluid layer of the earth (100–200 km thick), below the outer […]

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