when people ask you your “sign”- that’s astrology. horoscopes, signs, all that sh-t is astrology. people think it actually works because the predictions (horoscopes) are extremely vague and telling people what they want to hear, such as “you will make money” and “you will find true love”. all these astrologers are making money off morons, and probably snorting c-ke off a hooker right now. not to be confused with astronomy, the bad-ss science of the universe.
1- “okay, here’s your horoscope. you will get a raise at the end of the year. wow! look! astrology signs on my cellphone for 20$ a month, sign me up!”

2- “here’s your horoscope- f-ck you.”
a barbaric,, pseudo-scientific, personality model used to explain away a person’s neuroticism by measuring the trajectory of big rocks in the sky.
person 1: i like dogs because i’m a libra!
person 2: astrology is fake.
person 1: astrology is not fake.
person 2: you’re an idiot.
an idea that is irrational and not based on evidence commensurate with the extraordinary nature of the claim.

the belief that the cosmos operates in conjunction with the benalities of our love lives, interactions and career oppurtunites, etc.
astrology is bogus…
the practice of predicting one’s attributes, past, and future from looking at the stars, planets, planetoids, moons, and pretty much anything in the sky.

an addiction of people who are too stupid to realize that even if astrology is accurate, your sun sign means next to nothing and most horoscopes are made up.
the practice of studying the planets’ positions to determine personality, lifestyle, trends and patterns in someone’s life, etc. etc. it’s not an “addiction of people who are too stupid to realize that even if it’s accurate your sun sign means next to nothing whatever whatever and horoscopes are mostly made up”. while it’s true that horoscopes can be vague in some publications, that’s because the astrologer is at fault, not the astrology, for its being vague/inaccurate/whatever. also, the description of a sun sign personality is quite general since there are many other factors in your astrological personality–therefore the horoscopes for sun signs are general as well. in fact, -n-lyses can be very accurate and in-depth when -all- planets are considered. -sigh-
astrology is much more fun than astronomy.
the science of predicting attributes of someones personality and events in their life using the positions of the stars and planets in the sky the exact minute when they were born. a lot of people think astrology is fake, but with just their date and time of birth i could tell them the story of their life and describe their personality to a tee. so screw them.
that girl is a capricorn, so astrology shows that she is probably a very serious person.
astrology is personology, interpretation, profiling and prediction by that of the definitions, positions, housings, aspects, and even angles of the stars and planets. certain angles can cause or trigger a good or bad flow of energy, that most deeply effects those born under its time.

the original source; astrology came from india and originated from the oldest scriptures in the world called vedas, and ayurveda, meaning “the science of life.” it is more advanced, and more accurate. according to ayurvedic astrology, western astrology if off by about a month or so, and geminis can be mistaken for cancers, etc. this is a big flaw, considering opposites are placed next to each other.

many people think astrology is fake, and accuse others of believing other ridiculous nonsense, (likes fairies) but this is often because of personal reasons, as they themselves believe other things like evolution and a world without cause. no offense, but people who do not “believe” in astrology pay only attention to what matters go wrong on an astrological description, they are bitter, do without reason, and talk cr-p about what they do not understand or have tried to. if one thing goes wrong they are utterly disappointed, and delve no further into the topic but choose a lifetime of insulting and spatting on astrology. it is definitely hard to find the truth in an ocean of lies, and there is bad astrologers. most critics are atheists who have barely had much experience with the science. palmistry, like astrology is an occult science: it says if both of your prominent lines are close together, you are close minded.
in this link here you will see all the babble and ignorant jokes are over. you can read and continue to think, or read and realize. this is no advertis-m-nt, but for your information.

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