At my leisure

freedom from the demands of work or duty:
she looked forward to retirement and a life of leisure.
time free from the demands of work or duty, when one can rest, enjoy hobbies or sports, etc.:
most evenings he had the leisure in which to follow his interests.
unhurried ease:
a work written with leisure and grace.
free or unoccupied:
leisure hours.
having leisure:
the leisure cl-ss.
(of clothing) suitable to or adapted for wear during leisure; casual:
a leisure jacket.
designed or intended for recreational use:
leisure products like bowling b-lls and video games.
at leisure,

with free or unrestricted time.
without haste; slowly.
out of work; unemployed:
because of the failure of the magazine, many experienced editors are now at leisure.

at one’s leisure, when one has free time; at one’s convenience:
take this book and read it at your leisure.

time or opportunity for ease, relaxation, etc
(as modifier): leisure activities

ease or leisureliness
at leisure

having free time for ease, relaxation, etc
not occupied or engaged
without hurrying

at one’s leisure, when one has free time

early 14c., leisir, “opportunity to do something” (as in phrase at (one’s) leisure), also “time at one’s disposal,” from old french leisir (modern french loisir) “capacity; permission; leisure, spare time; free will; idleness, inactivity,” noun use of infinitive leisir “be permitted,” from latin licere “be permitted” (see licence). the -u- appeared 16c., probably on -n-logy of words like pleasure. phrase leisured cl-ss attested by 1836.

at leisure
at one’s leisure

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