saint, a.d. 296?–373, bishop of alexandria: opponent of arianism.
contemporary examples

athanasius kircher was a jesuit priest and polymath, a man of unusual talents.
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athanasius kircher, the eccentric seventeenth-century jesuit polymath, collector of curiosities, and borderline crank.
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historical examples

athanasius, who lived at treves as an exile, probably introduced it into germany.
the rise of the mediaeval church alexander clarence flick

the victory of athanasius was in no sense a defeat for h-llenism.
the legacy of greece various

it was years since he had repeated the creed of saint athanasius.
the following of the star florence l. barclay

the celebrated athanasius, and other bishops, were banished, and their sees filled with arians.
fox’s book of martyrs john foxe

the p-ssage from athanasius will be quoted at some length, when we come to examine that father’s testimony.
primitive christian worship james endell tyler

he subscribed, very reluctantly, the condemnation of athanasius.
the every day book of history and chronology joel munsell

athanasius and augustine are worthier subjects of study than flavian and optatus.
the rise of the mediaeval church alexander clarence flick

he was a friend of athanasius, the champion of the orthodox doctrine of the trinity.
curiosities of christian history croake james

saint. ?296–373 ad, patriarch of alexandria who championed christian orthodoxy against arianism. feast day: may 2

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