a person who’s a geek but is very athletic
person 1: did you know diego plays sports but is a major geek
person 2: he must be a athleek

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  • kraftwerk and chill

    it means when you are sitting alone doing your ap/organic chemistry work with kraftwerk playing in the background to help you focus. michael: man, that ap chemistry work last night was a real dog. jack: yeah i spend all night kraftwerk and chilling with it.

  • toastfulness

    when one eats too much toast resulting in exuberance and joy. however, the toast does not agree with ones stomach and results in ‘toastfullness’ gwinney ate too much toast today and he was feeling very toastfulness at lunch in herons

  • aunty angus

    an oddly female like male, either bodily wise or action wise. ‘the other day i spotted a phat -ss, but when they turned around it was tom’ ‘tbh i think hes just an aunty angus”

  • gimely

    absolute moron who acts like an idiot or does stupid things look at him he is such a gimely

  • dub c dub

    translates to ‘wcw’ or ‘woman crush wednesday’ “she my dub c dub erry wednesday night”

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