atr is a low key gang formed in california by a bunch of f-ck up teenagers. basically they just f-ck sh-t up and leave there mark and leave. atr stands for average teen rebellion. their motto: “when all hope is lost, r e b e l.” pretty f-cking dumb.
” you hear atr broke into the abandon factory yesterday.”

“sh-t, that’s cool. they leave anything?”

“just a nice paint job.”
american melodic death metal band from springfield, m-ssachusetts which formed in 1998. (all that remains)

this includes:
philip labonte – vocals
mike martin – guitar
oli herbert – guitar
jeanne sagan – b-ss
jason costa – drums

top 5 songs:
1. six
2. not alone
3. this calling
4. become a catalyst
5. the air that i breathe

behind silence and solitude (2002)
this darkened heart (2004)
the fall of ideals (2006)
overcome (2008)
“wanna listen to some atr?”
“h-ll ya, they have an awesome vocalist!”
-ss to t-ts ratio

this is a measure of how proportional a female’s -ss is to her t-ts. each is ranked on a scale of 1-10, then set as a ratio. one should not simplify when making the ratio to avoid the misunderstanding that a 10:10 is the same thing as a 1:1.
if -ss=8/10 and t-ts=9/10, the atr is 8:9.
the acronym for “amped to rip!”

a.t.r. in an acceptable synonym for for the otherwise totally hippie. overused and unacceptable “psyched” or “stoked.”
i am so a.t.r. to destroy this peanut b-tter and honey sammy right now!!
atr originated from torn irc meaning “small p-n-s” this was because atr gave a picture of his p-n-s and it was very small, from now onwards people call it an “atr” when they see a small wienner.
a: hi wanna see mine?
-pictures sent-
b: omfg you have an atr
after the revolution
atr, life was much better!
clever slang for the phrase “all the rage”
neon nikes are atr.

lets go to disney land. i hear california screamin is atr.
-rs–t-t ratio.

a vital factor when admiring ladies with ample bosoms.

large br–sts are often seen as a positive point, however generally not when they are in direct proportion with other body parts.

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