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  • Audio-visual

    of, pertaining to, involving, or directed at both hearing and sight: audiovisual facilities; audiovisual techniques. usually, audiovisuals. . contemporary examples a politician must -ssume that he or she is under 24-hour audio-visual surveillance. say goodbye to basic privacy david frum march 17, 2013 but it was not long into the first interview when heinz grew […]

  • Audio-visual aids

    training or educational materials directed at both the sense of hearing and the sense of sight; films, recordings, photographs, etc., used in cl-ssroom instruction, library collections, or the like.

  • Audioanalgesia

    audio-n-lgesia audio-n-lgesia au·di·o·an·al·ge·si·a (ô’dē-ō-ān’əl-jē’zē-ə, -zhə) n. a deadening of pain produced by listening to a sound or sounds.

  • Audiogenic

    caused by sound. adjective caused or produced by sound or an audio frequency: an audiogenic epileptic fit audiogenic au·di·o·gen·ic (ô’dē-ō-jěn’ĭk) adj. caused by sound, especially a loud sound.

  • Audiogenic epilepsy

    audiogenic epilepsy audiogenic epilepsy n. a form of reflex epilepsy induced by sound, usually a loud sudden noise.

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