an -rg-sm caused by seeing a very nice automobile.
car: -vroooooooooooooom-
man: “oh godd.” -ahhhh- “autogasm” -ahhhuhh-
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– a 100% guaranteed female -rg-sm caused by trial and error with different positions with her partner to figure which one makes her c-m the quickest and most often. a couple will start in this position to get her -rg-sm out of the way quickly to allow for the male to finish when ever he pleases, not worrying yet if he had pleased the woman yet.
scenario 1:
jackie: “so, how did it go with mark last night after you left? did you f-ck him? was he good?”

beth: “well, he was a pretty drunk, so instead of risking him c-mming early, or going soft on me, i went for my autogasm position right away to ensure i at least was satisfied. i am sure he is bragging to all his buddies today about what a stud he is even though i got myself off on his c-ck while he just laid there did nothing…”

scenario 2:

therese: “bill, i am so happy we heard about the autogasm when we did. one more round with you not getting me off would have ended it. now i don’t care that you blow your load after 4 minutes like usual….”

scenario 3:

neighbor dan: “h-llo neighbor john. your gr-ss is looking greener than usual, but you don’t look so happy. what’s wrong.”

john: “well, jill decided she wanted to try something new in bed. i told her skipping the autogasm wasn”t a good idea, and now she is all p-ssed off cause i came before she did last night….”

neighbor dan: “well, to be honest with you, i think by ‘try something new in bed’ she meant ‘someone new’. trust me buddy, she got off last night alright! look on the bright side though, she has a few new autogasm positions now so you are good to go again!”
when a female automatically -rg-sms after seeing either an attractive male, a p-n-s, or for the bis-xuals and lesbians, an attractive female or v-g-n-
female 1 :”omg, look at the guy that just walked in.”
-female 2 turns and looks and all of a sudden starts panting and -rg-sms”
female 1: did you just autogasm?
female 2: that took less than a second

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