an averi is a hot girl who is smarter than most guys but doesnt care at all.they are crazy drunks and love to have fun.people make fun of averi’s cause they are jelous.athletic.and has mostly guy friends cause girls are b-tches.love to eat.everyone wants to be friends with an averi.
averi-“peace out b-tches”
a really nice girl you always want to be around she may be crazy at times but you gotta love her! she is really smart and pretty and lovable and everyone wants to be friends with her.
nice averi
averi is a attractive girl who has eyes like an angle and a s-xy body,most guys fight over her and take advantage of her but that is only because she falls in love to fast and doesn’t think,she is a very sensitive deep person she is shy when you first meet her but then when she gets used to you she turns into a whole different person,she knows how to fight i wouldn’t mess with an averi she doesn’t seem like a tough person but once you p-ss her off enough she will blow up in your face and kick your -ss,she can be ghetto only in a fight she doesn’t like to show it,most of her family dose not know her they know one side and would be surprised by the other,she can dance but only around people that she knows are not judgmental,her friends are crazy like her some times she makes her friends crazier but only her best friends,you can’t really figure out an averi she is very unpredictable but fun to be around and talks a lot,she will do stuff you can’t imagine she is very daring and can be a b—- only if she thinks your being rude or to demanding,she does not like being called names even though she gives a lot of them out most the times she has an att-tude and can be rude but once you get on her good side she’s cool,she can be insecure but only if she feels not safe and if people are judging her,she is fun awesome and has lots of friends,don’t underestimate an averi.
“hey should i beat up averi.”
”no dude don’t try.”
“but i know i can.”
“dude don’t underestimate her.”
“fine gosh.”
“good you won’t know.”
“okay because i was worried you would have gotten your -ss kicked.
a female with a very attractive set of knee’s and a warm smile. an averi is commonly found sitting at computer 3 in the school library. though they may be beautiful, averi’s are deadly to most koreans. averi’s will often leap out and attack you with their sharp talons if provoked. they are found to be weak against fire and ground type pokemon, but are strong against water. catching an averi is no easy task, first you must lure them into a false sense of security preferably by taking off your pants. a ultra ball is needed in order to capture the wild averi as she is a legendary pokemon.
” averi, i choose you! ”

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