ba baa black sheep

when you have to take out a super size tampon with no blood on it and it really hurts like a mother f-cker
oh sh-t i gotta pull out a ba baa black sheep

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  • lexi lee

    a b-tch, a wh-r- and cries over every boy. often obsessed, ugly asf and tries way to hard. wow don’t be a lexi lee.

  • prost*tostomy

    when a prost-tute with an ostomy allows a gentleman suitor to penetrate their medically created hole in exchange for money. hooker: hey baby, looking for a good time? interested in a little prost-tostomy? john: i think i’ll just take a nice gl-ss bottom boat.

  • stress m*ffin

    when you are so stressed that you curl yourself into a ball and cry a little bit. i should be studying for that test but i’m a stress m-ffin

  • cl*tickey

    when performing f-ll-t– on the female genitalia and one sucks the cl-toris too hard and leaves a hickey like mark. i sucked on my girl’s cl-t too hard last time i ate her out, i think i left a cl-tickey.

  • culoeros

    it’s a spanish word for -ssholes the culoerosca are gonna jump us

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