mountain bkking term.
roundish rocks which tend to be found in a loose jumble on hairpin corners or other dificult-to-negotiate sections of trail. similar to death cookies, but bigger.
“i rode beautifully down that cliff, only to be confronted with a pile of babyheads”
affectionate term for a female. first used in this sense on new york’s hot 97.1 radio station.
“send this out to my babyhead in yonkers.”
from mountain biking: a roundish rock, about the size and shape of a baby’s head. avoid running over it, or risk crashing.
dude, did you see all those baby heads back there?
cute cuddly girlfriend.
back in the late 1970’s, i dated a woman who said her high school freak friends called her baby freak, since she was a bit younger than them. most freaks are potheads, so baby head comes from a young person who smokes pot, hence, babyhead.
nickname that originated with one girl but was stolen by her married friends.
husband to wife, “hey babyhead”
wife to husband, “which babyhead?”
husband, “oh, you, babyhead #1”
just a way to call someone stupid just with a hidden meaning
hey baby head have a good day at work?
the state of your being, usually inquired about in the form of a casual greeting.
person one: “hey man, how’s your babyhead?”
person two: “oh man, my babyhead is popped-off.”

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