(1) getting tricked into believing a person only to have them turn and snitch on you.

(2) having your spouse get there -ss kicked by a person from philly
(1) the dealer would have been cool, but he got baez’d at the last second.

(2) yo, did you see benny. he got baez’d this weekend. for real

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  • Baiture

    (noun) when nature plots to deceive one or screw with ones mind, or otherwise displays quite an irony. “there were b-tterflies and fireflys buzzing around the nuclear research facility in a spectacular display of baiture.”

  • bakaa

    j-panese for “stupid”, used to playfully insult someone or yourself for committing a silly act. typically used by those who watches too much anime. “bakaa! the movie i wanted to watch don’t involve tentacles!” a bird-like noise, to symbolize happiness or ecstaticness “bakaa! i found my underwear!”

  • bakan

    also: bacan, bkn in chile, when something’s good, like cool a: ¡mi pololo me regaló un celular nuevo! b: ¡que bakan! a: my boyfriend gave me a new cell-phone! b: how bakan!

  • Bakeshow

    1.some who smokes so much weed that they smoked themselves retarted 2.a time when a group of people come together to smoke weed together 1.reid smokes so much weed that he smoked himself retarted and he’s definitely a bakeshow 2.before we went to the party we had a bakeshow with 5 blunts and 2 bongs […]

  • balamuc

    romanian word describing a state of general confusion. also used to describe a mental inst-tution. romanian only : luni dimineata, un birou oarecare : 1 angajat munceste, unu vorbeste la telefon, alti 3 rad de cel care munceste. seful intra: “ce e balamucul asta??”

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