to oppress orthers via the other side of ones’ palm.
guy, you need a bahkand for messing with mi gyal.

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  • neeed

    1.) to misuse the word “want” with “need.” 2.) when a person wants something they don’t actually need but wants it so much they think that they do. ashley saw some cute sparkly non-edible thing and said “i neeed it!”

  • sandling scoop

    an object similar to a spoon but with a longer handle and a deeper scoop, generally used to profusely shove sand up ones b-tt hole until they can no longer pucker their sphincter muscle. hey bro, lets go build some sandcastles on the beach and try out this new sandling scoop that i borrowed from […]

  • onion job

    a s-xual act involving the insertion of a male’s p-n-s into an onion in an erotic manner yo dude that chick i’ve been seeing just gave me the raddest onion job i’ve ever had while we were watching shrek 2. she’s a total f-ckin ogre at heart man.

  • boston gunter

    a skinny dude,with an amazing girlfriend he’s a boston gunter look at him with his girl

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    when your about to -j-c-l-t- and your d-ck gets cut off bro look at all this blood i think mike had a red waterfall when a girl has her period in the shower dude there is blood all over the shower, i think my girlfriend had a red waterfall.

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