bailey dog

your best friends dog
man bailey dog sure took a pounding you done with her

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  • uton

    enjoys explosives, making leathal weaponry, and riding his electric bike. that wrecking ball reminds me of uton.

  • salty chihuahua

    a dirty s-xual act involving a man c-mming on a girl’s stomach, then licking it up and spitting the hot salty load into her mouth. last night got freaky. we started doing doggystyle and we finished with a salty chihuahua

  • season blending

    when you watch multiple seasons of a show in a short amount of time and can’t remember when things happened. friend 1: did character die before or after season 4? friend 2: i can’t remember – i watched all 6 season in a week and i’ve started season blending.

  • ambid*cksterous

    someone whos d-ck can lie either to the left or the right at any point oh wow, i didn’t realise rob is ambid-cksterous!

  • skewt

    abbreviation for “so cute” or “sah kyat” created by pewdiepie while playing corpse party. omg!! they’re so skewt! i ship them so hard.

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