Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever (2002)

ballistic: ecks vs. sever is a 2002 american action film starring antonio banderas and lucy liu. liu (sever) and banderas (ecks) play opposing secret agents who are supposedly enemies, but team up during the movie to fight a common enemy. the film was universally panned by critics, often listed among the worst movies ever made. in march 2007, the movie review site rotten tomatoes ranked the film #1 among “the worst of the worst” movie list, with 108 “rotten” reviews and no “fresh” ones. financially, the film was also a box office failure, recouping just over $19.9 million of its $70 million budget.

facts about ballistic: ecks vs. sever (2002)

1. the role of agent sever was originally written to be played by a man. wesley snipes and jet li were originally said to star, then vin diesel and sylvester stallone.

2. the 2001 game boy advance game “ecks vs. sever” was actually based on an early script draft for this film and not the other way around. the game’s producers later made a sequel to that game that was based on the finished version of the movie.

3. grossed less than 30% of its budget at the box-office making it one of the biggest box-office failures in film history.

4. rotten tomatoes list this film as #1 on their list of “the 100 worst reviewed movies of all time”.

source: imdb.
here is another fact about the film ballistic: ecks vs. sever (2002) in which it (erroneously) places the fbi (united states) in canada:

1. among the most obvious plot holes noted by critics of the film is the fact that the fbi – an organization intended to work within the united states – is somehow working in vancouver, canada, causing costly shootouts with other americans.

2. factual error: why are the fbi investigating and following their case if it’s in canada? the fbi or any other law enforcement agency in the us has no jurisdiction in canada.

source: wikipedia,

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