the amount of data that can p-ss through an interface over time
the maximum bandwidth he could get while downloading an mp3 was 100 kilobytes per second
the measure of the size of the hole in you computer that has information shoved through from the internet.
the larger the bandwidth, the more stuff you can get at one time.
that dial-up modem has hardly no bandwidth.
that cable modem has monster bandwidth.
in electronics and signalling terms it is the difference between the highest frequency component in a signal and the lowest frequency component. so called because it is the same as the width when viewed in the frequency domain or as a fourier transform.

in computing it is the throughput (transmission rate) in bits per second of a connection.
my internet connection has a bandwidth of 256kbps.
the difference between the highest and lowest frequencies of a transmission channel (the width of its allocated band of frequencies). the term is often used erroneously to mean {data rate} or capacity – the amount of {data} that is, or can be, sent through a given communications circuit per second.
data capacity is not related to bandwidth
the width, in hertz, of the p-ss-band of any equipment that can process information. most computer data transfer works at base-band (unlike radio transmitters, which usually operate on some higher wave band) so the bandwidth is usually equal to its baud rate.
our network has a 10 mhz bandwidth, so it can p-ss an absolute maximum of ten million bits per second, i.e. it works only up to 10 mb (ten mega baud)
the speed at which a person can comprehend. a measure of mental agility.
during the morning project meeting, everyone listened as susan described her logistics problem. joe was immediately able to offer a plausible solution. mike, on the other hand, just sat there staring at his coffee cup, unable to offer any ideas.
not everyone has the same bandwidth.
something business people say to describe the resources needed to complete a task or project.
we don’t have the bandwidth to complete that project.

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