nan – a strong, beautiful woman. a survivor. the best big sister, mother, wife, aunt and friend.
every young woman should strive to be a nan.
short for shenanigans, or could be used when someone is not telling you the truth
you: i swear i gave cindy the dirty sanchez last night.

me: i call nans.
1. not-a-number. these result from operations which have undefined numerical results.

2. used to describe something for which rad, unique, unprecedented, incredible and “out of the box” are understatements, because mathematically,

– nan ‘equal to’ nan is false

– nan ‘not equal to’ nan is true
person 1: i have not seen any movie so incredible as the inception or the matrix.
person 2: -has to be-, both of them are nan.
1.a nothing -ss n-gg-
2. you 27 still living with ya moms
3. don’t have a job, but somehow can keep a cell phone on.
4. dont have a car.
5. always begging for money.
6. cant take a girl no where cause you broke.
lisa: “girl why u stop talking to cedric?”
shannon: “because he was a n.a.n!”
lisa: “a what?!”
shannon: “a nothing -ss n-gg-!”
lisa: “oo ok i meet alot of those on the streets!”
a beautiful woman or girl. she is an amazing and loyal friend who always has your back. she is a great mother and sister. she is very talented and she is a good dancer. she is very beautiful and many guys fall for her 😉
who is that?
that’s nan.
a female figure in someone’s life. anyone who had raised them.
used to avoid argument, ie, the person hates their mother, or she may be dead, this word represents anyone they may care for.
guy 1: i puched that f-ggot on the face.

guy 2: i punched your nan in the face b-tch.
nan: noun
nan is short for nanny which is short for poonanny which is derived from punani.
nan, in a sentence, can be used in much the same way as nanny, and is commonly used when throwing duds.
“last night, i got the nan!”
or in a sentence in dud form:
original sentence: “i hurt my hand…”
dud form response: “i hurt my nan…”

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