Bar room fine



: a person that may have been fit and/or more attractive in their younger days. a decade ago, they were nearly, next top model. they may have partied or bar hopped a lot in those days, as well. the night life has turned their hour gl-ss shape, into a grandfather clock or upside down christmas tree, shape. due to the late nights & partying, they’ve settled mentally & physically; on the verge of falling off, two setups(personal 1/2 pints of liqour, cups, ice bucket) or two slices of doberge’ cake away from obesity. some can be seen at the bar, wearing heavy eye makeup, caterpillar-ish eye lashes, tight clothing; preferably shiny & easily seen in low lighting; along w/gold or blonde hair; possibly greenish purple.
note: many may have dark cirlces around their eyes, may be slim or heavy, w/or w/a “f.u.p.a.” and “cankles”.
bar room fine

bar • room • fine



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