a woman, who displays an uncanny resemblance to a barbie doll, acquired through the excessive use of various war paints, facial adhesives, sl-t armour(1), cosmic carriers(2), experimental physical alterations performed by a shadowy group known as s.u.r.g.e.o.n and chronic abuse of various aromatic vapours produced by mysterious ancient alchemists. she may in some cases be promiscuous.

(1): light garments that are utilized for tactical operations or open warfare, most notably deployed in night-out situations. deceptively resistant to extreme cold and fire. the trade-off for its durability in combat is its inability to effectively conceal underwear.

(2): microscopic containers, often branded and worn as clothing accessories, that possess the capacity to store a host of useless material including yet not limited to the entirety of one’s life belongings and occupational effects yet has no sp-ce for i.d. numerous varieties now exist. the original prototype technology from which subsequent copies were created was believed to be a gift from intergalactic nomads to their barbielites and fuelled by the power of grey skull.
thomas’s barbielite consumes a chip per day without ketchup. she however considerably increases her nutritional intake, when she gorges on the local bouncers face during night-raids.

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