baronets collectively.
historical examples

why does not some one publish a list of the young male n-bility and baronetage, their names, weights, and probable fortunes?
the newcomes william makepeace thackeray

the landlady recognised his baronetage with a little courtesy.
willing to die joseph sheridan le fanu

she did not seem at all impressed with the fact that she was talking to a member of the baronetage.
the morals of marcus ordeyne william j. locke

for precedency due to baronets and their wives a baronetage should be consulted.
manners and rules of good society anonymous

lodge’s peerage and baronetage is acknowledged to be the most complete, as well as the most elegant, work of the kind.
mattie:–a stray (vol 3 of 3) frederick william robinson

adm. i said many years, long before my name was added to the baronetage.
olla podrida frederick marryat

it leaves out of sight the most endearing, because the most human, trait of the baronetage—its pecuniary origin.
collections and recollections george william erskine russell

the best genealogical and heraldic dictionary of the peerage and baronetage.
notes on nursing florence nightingale

burke’s peerage and baronetage is now quite a national annual.
notes on nursing florence nightingale

for the female mind the baronetage has a peculiar fascination.
collections and recollections george william erskine russell

the order of baronets; baronets collectively
the rank of a baronet; baronetcy

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