the rank or dignity of a baronet.
historical examples

the baronetcy was inherited by no other member of the family, and became extinct.
the loyalists of m-ssachusetts james h. stark

he has 300 a year of his own, and plenty of resources,—besides, the baronetcy must come to him.
heartsease charlotte m. yonge

he will probably succeed to a baronetcy—though this is not certain, as his uncle is, comparatively speaking, young still.
a little rebel margaret wolfe hungerford

being the fountain of honour, he will be rather indifferent about the baronetcy.
the two admirals j. fenimore cooper

the attainment of the baronetcy appears to have stimulated him to still greater exertion.
the modern scottish minstrel , volume i. various

of course you will succeed to the baronetcy, as well as to the estate?
the two admirals j. fenimore cooper

his baronetcy had been conferred upon him by the crown, as his peerage lately was.
modern leaders: being a series of biographical sketches justin mccarthy

he was the heir to the baronetcy,—and to the double fortunes of the two old men.
the prime minister anthony trollope

this prompt action on his part gained for him his first t-tle—his baronetcy.
cornish worthies, volume 1 (of 2) walter h. tregellas

he is now the heir to the baronetcy and estates, but we have lost all clue to him.
the privateersman frederick marryat

noun (pl) -cies
the rank, position, or patent of a baronet

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