barrel ass

much like barrel, a barrel -ss is a woman who has a m-ssive -ss, which resembles a barrel.

different from a ghetto booty, as there is nothing good about a woman who is considered to be a barrel -ss
i cant believe you hooked up with that barrel -ss last night, b-tch had to turn sideways to walk out the door!
refers to either someone with an unusually large -ss or the -ss itself. saying made popular by the character ‘frank rizzo’ as played by johnny brennan of the comedy team, ‘the jerky boys’.
example 1

guy 1: dude, look at that girl’s -ss!
guy 2: wow, she has a barrel -ss!

exampe 2

guy 1: d-mn, that girl is fat!
guy 2: yeah, she’s a barrel -ss!
prog-rock-metal-spazz-core band from peterborough, uk: barrel-ss.

in a land before time existed, there was no watches, and people had more time on there hands, although technically they did’nt because time didn’t exist. after a while time began, and so did man’s quest for sound. after years of false hope an failure a band of epic preportion coagulated…

barrel-ss was born out of a laptop and three pillocks with lots of time and little talent back in the early noughty’s. or so they thought!

highly strung and full of beans the three became more and things began to take shape, ’twas not an easy shape to hold and much happened along the lines of pulling and pushing from within.

members included: weasel, dan, ciro, spike, mark, chad, jezza, jody, nathan, phil, keg.

making music they like and with blatant disregard for what anyone else thinks music should be……

….and now they’ve since despanded.
“what the f-ck is that noise?!!!”

“sounds like a load of barrel-ss”

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