Barrier reef

a reef of coral running roughly parallel to the sh-r- and separated from it by a wide, deep lagoon.
great barrier reef.
a coral reef parallel to the coast of queensland, in ne australia. 1250 miles (2010 km) long.
historical examples

a heavy sea was still running over the barrier reef which enclosed a small lagoon.
the wings of the morning louis tracy

day by day we scanned the heaving sea, far out beyond the barrier reef, until i began to feel like crusoe upon his lonely isle.
tales of fishes zane grey

the big front doors stood open to the sea, where a mile away the breakers tossed and tumbled on the barrier reef.
wild justice: stories of the south seas lloyd osbourne

the light came, touching with silver the great, tumbling seas outside the barrier reef, but the seas were empty.
the island of enchantment justus miles forman

ross balanced in the middle of the skiff as it bobbed along the swell of waves inside a barrier reef.
key out of time andre alice norton

having a full set of admiralty sheet-charts of the coast and barrier reef, i felt easy in mind.
sailing alone around the world joshua sloc-m

on again sailing north in the porpoise, he was wrecked on the barrier reef.
terre napoleon ernest scott

the australian bee-eater, a bird of attractive plumage, is found all over the northern islets of the barrier reef.
wealth of the world’s waste places and oceania
jewett castello gilson

this was outside the barrier reef of the little island of ailuk, in the marshall group.
a memory of the southern seas louis becke

in this case the bank is called a barrier reef, and sometimes it is of enormous size.
the animal world, a book of natural history theodore wood

a long narrow coral reef near and lying parallel to the sh-r-, separated from it by deep water see great barrier reef
a coral reef in the coral sea, off the ne coast of australia, extending for about 2000 km (1250 miles) from the torres strait along the coast of queensland; the largest coral reef in the world
barrier reef
a long, narrow ridge of coral that runs parallel to the mainland and is separated from it by a deep lagoon. compare atoll, fringing reef.

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