of, at, or forming the base.
forming a basis; fundamental; basic.

indicating a standard low level of activity of an organism, as during total rest.
of an amount required to maintain this level.

medicine/medical. serving to induce a preliminary or light anesthesia prior to total anesthetization.
historical examples

fig. 71 shows a combination of a hexagonal prism (m) with the basal pinacoid (c).
encyclopaedia britannica, 11th edition, volume 7, slice 7 various

furthermore, morphology is in reality a basal consideration.
college teaching paul klapper

(e.) terminal or basal point, with the prehensile larval antenn, represented on rather too large a scale.
a monograph on the sub-cl-ss cirripedia (volume 1 of 2) charles darwin

synthlipsis: the basal constriction of the notocephalon in notonectids.
explanation of terms used in entomology john. b. smith

valves of equal breadth, much depressed, and longitudinally sulcated; the basal extremities approximating.
zoological ill-strations, or original figures and descriptions. volume i, second series william swainson

this letter stated with full sincerity lincoln’s basal principle.
the negro and the nation george s. merriam

on the basal area are waved black lines, separate on the hind wings, more or less blended on the fore wings.
the b-tterfly book william jacob holland

the basal for the rate of interest is the benefit or the advantage of the loan to the borrower.
usury calvin elliott

these depending crests for the muscles are rather thin, but they extend over half the basal margin of the valve.
a monograph on the sub-cl-ss cirripedia (volume 2 of 2) charles darwin

the basal principles of confucian ethics are the “five relations.”
the gist of j-pan r. b. peery

at, of, or const-tuting a base
of or const-tuting a foundation or basis; fundamental; essential

“relating to a base,” 1828, from base (n.) + -al (1).

basal ba·sal (bā’səl, -zəl)

of, relating to, located at, or forming a base, usually of an organ or a tooth.

of, relating to, of situated at the lowest level, as of an organ.

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  • Basal anaesthesia

    noun preliminary and incomplete anaesthesia induced to prepare a surgical patient for total anaesthesia with another agent

  • Basal body

    a cylindrical organelle, within the cytoplasm of flagellated and ciliated cells, that contains microtubules and forms the base of a flagellum or cilium: identical in internal structure to a centriole. basal body n. a cellular organelle -ssociated with the formation of cilia and flagella and resembling the centriole in structure. also called basal granule.

  • Basal anesthesia

    basal anesthesia basal anesthesia n. parenteral administration of one or more sedatives to produce a state of depressed consciousness short of a general anesthesia.

  • Basal cell carcinoma

    a common and usually curable skin cancer that arises from epithelial cells and rarely metastasizes: often -ssociated with overexposure to sunlight. noun a slow-growing malignant but usually non-metastasizing skin cancer, mainly occurring in sun-damaged skin of the elderly and fair-skinned; also called basal cell epithelioma , rodent ulcer usage note medicine basal cell carcinoma n. […]

  • Basal cell

    any cell situated at the base of a multilayered tissue, as at the lowest layer of the epidermis. historical examples the antheridium consists at first of a basal cell and a terminal one. elements of structural and systematic botany douglas houghton campbell b, formation of the first spore-mother-cell (sm), from the basal cell (a) of […]

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