Basic Douché

a guy that thinks he is relevant, unique, and hot sh-t. he considers himself a gym rat, and takes more selfies than actually working out. he’ll use the word “brah” and brags about how many chicks he’s hooked up with within in the last month. any story you have to share, he has a better one to 1 up you. he wears a ralph lauren deep v t-shirts or pink or salmon colored b-tton ups/polos as a statement but ends up wearing the same thing as his other basic d friend next to him. he’s on tinder, and always swipes right. he may wear a man bun or have a hard part. he has to get a girl drunk to get laid. he wears beats by dre headphones with a hoodie at the gym. he overuses hashtags in his instagram posts. #gains #dowork #legday #fit #fitfam #fit4lyfe
“brah, my day just doesn’t feel right without my morning pre-workout, but i’m not going to let that stop me from getting turnt. that chick from last night was so faded and i thought i was going to smash but that b-tch puked in my new blacked-out charger so i kicked that hoe to the curb.” -basic douché

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