Bastion host

bastion host

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  • Bastle house

    bastel house. (on the anglo-scottish border) a partly fortified house, usually with a vaulted ground floor.

  • Bastnaesite

    a rare-earth mineral, fluorocarbonate of lanthanum and cerium, with a waxy-yellow to reddish-brown color, commonly -ssociated with zinc ores. noun a rare yellow to reddish-brown mineral consisting of a carbonate of fluorine and several lanthanide metals. it occurs in -ssociation with zinc and is a source of the lanthanides. formula: lafco3

  • Bastogne

    a town in se belgium: in world war ii u.s. forces besieged here during german counteroffensive in 1944. historical examples “forward—single file,” commanded shaw, and the band resumed its interrupted march towards the bastogne railway. two daring young patriots w. p. shervill you must get ready for a forced march of a dozen miles across […]

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    noun coca paste mixed with other substances and highly addictive when smoked word origin possibly from basura ‘waste, trash’ or borrowing of english bazooka for the drug’s explosive effect usage note spanish slang noun a cheap cocaine paste: also on the horizon are ”croak” and ”basuco,” a cocaine derivative [1980s+ narcotics; fr sp bazuco, ”bazooka,” […]

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    sotho (def 3). historical examples that the numbers slaughtered were very great, the numerous ruins of basuto kraals all over the country testify. the last boer war h. rider haggard my advice is that you select as good a pair of basuto ponies as you can obtain. a dash from diamond city george manville fenn […]

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