a batterbomb refers to -j-c-l-t–n. “batter” is a shortened form of “baby batter” which is slang for male sperm. the “bomb” refers to its impact on a person’s, preferably a woman’s, face.
ie: after they screwed he dropped a batterbomb on her face.
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in the usa it’s when you bust your nut in your hand and then slap the chick you just got done smashing. preferably in the face but on the -ss is acceptable.
after i got done b-tt f-cking your mom, i pulled out and gave that old sl-t a batter bomb.
most commonly used in the uk and most of europe, a batter bomb is slang for a c-m shot, or -j-c-l-t–n load. it is only a true batter bomb if u catch the female in the face unexpectadly (sp)
dude,bro i was f-ckin this chick, i was about to c-m, i pulled out and caught her in the face with a m-ssive batter bomb! owned

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