a state in the south of germany. it’s the place where you can find all the stereotypical german things that you won’t find in the rest of the country: the traditional leathershorts, postcard-looking mountains, the oktoberfest and even the silly dance as seen in that one chevy chase movie.
munich is located in bavaria
bavaria is a part of germany which is in the south. it is very well-known for it’s amazing , good-tasting beer. and also for the hot chicks that live there. they are amazing. nice t-ts, nice -ss, nice curves and a nice face and body. but i like girls from other countries too, i think actually even more. perhaps, its everywhere like this. americans say: wow! european chicks!! thight! germans say: woaw! american girls are so hot!!
if you come to bavaria sometime you need to look for the winkler bräu. they make very very good beer. the best known of them is the kupfer spezial, a dark beer which comes in a nice big gl-ss. all americans i met who tried it said its the best beer they ever were drinking.
in bavaria is brewed the best beer in the world. (bavaria!)
and the kupfer spezial is the best dark beer you will ever taste if you like the taste

and bavarian girls are f-ckin’ hot
a small country near germany. sometimes known to be in germany, but that’s wrong.

in bavaria there are five seasons: winter, spring, summer, autumn and the wiesn. the wiesn is the best of those. everybody is drunk and happy during the wiesn, also known as oktoberfest.

bavaria is also known for it’s gorgeous girl’s, called “madln”. not to be mistaken with the lower side of your leg, the “wadln”.
women normally wear a skirt called “dirndl” showing a lot of there b–bs.

typical bavarian swear word: ” ‘zefix no eins!”
teacher: “where is bavaria, mike?”

miker: “in germany?”

teacher: ” ‘zefix no eins! it is near germany, not in germany!”

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